Space XY game

How to play SpaceXY

If you are familiar with the Lucky Jet game, there will be no problem with the conditional alternative. It’s about Space XY. Here everything is arranged in the same way as in Lucky Jet. You need to place bets, pick up the money on time … And that’s it. With the game there will be no problems and difficulties even for a beginner. Instead of a man with a jetpack, a rocket becomes a key figure. The duration of its flight determines the accumulated multiplier. The player must have time to pick up the money before the rocket explodes. Otherwise, the amount of the bet will go to the casino. It won’t be possible to return it.

Are there any strategies and tactics for Space XY?

Yes of course. Many of them are similar to those that we described on a separate page of the Lucky Jet website. We recommend to read. We are almost certain that one of the tactics will be a winning one for you. We also advise you to try all the common strategies, highlight their advantages, weed out the disadvantages and develop your own approach. You can use it in both Space XY and Lucky Jet.

Can I practice first?

You can. And even required if you are a beginner. We recommend trying the Space XY demo mode. Here are the benefits of this solution:

  • the opportunity to try different strategies and tactics of the game for free. This is useful both in the case of Lucky Jet and in a situation where Space XY is preferred;
  • gradual and safe immersion in the features of the game. To understand how everything works in Space XY, just play the demo. This does not imply the need to replenish the balance. You can place bets using virtual funds.

Even with the help of a free game, you can try to develop your own winning tactics. But for this, you first need to understand the mechanics of Space XY, as well as the available strategies. This guarantees regular winnings.

Lucky Jet or SpaceXY?

We cannot say what is better and what is worse. We cannot say which game deserves your attention. As such, there are almost no differences. Non-essentials have been noted previously. In fact, both Lucky Jet and Space XY are analogues. The mechanics are the same, the principles are the same. So it’s up to you to decide which one to choose. And that involves trials. It’s about playing both Lucky Jet and Space XY. Only then can you decide what deserves your attention.

And yet we recommend “Lucky Jet”

Why? Because this relatively new game has become quite popular and in demand among customers of modern online casinos. This is explained by the following aspects:

  • simple and digestible interface. There is nothing superfluous in the game that could distract the player;
  • understanding of the rules. To be honest, they are not in a formal context. Just place your bets, use additional features. And win;
  • the lack of the possibility of interference in the results of game rounds by the casino or providers. The fact is that the “basis” of the game “Lucky Jet” is represented by a number generator. The system, which does not depend on a person, independently determines before the start of each game round how much a little man with a jetpack will fly.
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